Online Children's Concert featuring Dan + Claudia Zanes

July 19, 2020 @ 3:00PM — 4:00PM

Generously sponsored by Middlesex Savings Bank

Online Children's Concert featuring Dan + Claudia Zanes image

Online Children's Concert featuring Dan and Claudia Zanes

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Online Children’s Concert featuring Grammy Awarding winning Dan Zanes and Haitian-American music therapist / jazz vocalist Claudia Zanes! The HCA is proud to present this six time parent's choice gold award winner!

Dan and Claudia decided while sitting at Dan’s kitchen table one afternoon that they would sing together and, in the spirit of inclusion and good times, would work with presenters to try and make all of their concerts sensory friendly. Their love of songs and communal music-making lead to a publishing deal with the Quarto Group USA and the result, a songbook entitled Dan Zanes’ House Party: A Family Roots Music Treasury, was released in late 2018. This has opened the doors to many new conversations with parents, educators, music therapists, and fellow musicians about how to work together to create a healthier, more musical (and ultimately, more festive), society.

While taking on these projects, Claudia and Dan have continued to bring their music to family shows, school workshops, community singalongs, and folk festivals throughout the U.S. and into Canada. They take their commitment to accessibility and inclusion with them wherever they go.

And – the icing on the cake – in the midst of it all they were married!